OC Solutions Bio

O C Solutions is the by-product of two hard working and visionary people along with their organizations and are thus explained. 

O C Solutions, llc. was a condominium cleaning company founded in 1998 by Geraldine M. Stoll, in Ocean City, Maryland. The company was organized and built upon the premise that a great cleaning regiment and customer satisfaction would be the perfect recipe for a continually growing company of satisfied clients and dedicated cleaners. Mrs. Stoll hired, groomed and trained many cleaners over her tenure of almost two decades, while building a large well satisfied client list that is still in existence and growing to very this day. 

B&B Professional Cleaning Company was a family based company that cleaned condominiums, private homes and post construction projects. It was founded in 2005 by a former cleaner for O C Solutions, llc named John W. Bass, Jr. B&B Professional Cleaning Company was built upon the premise that continuous improvement on old fashion cleaning methods and catering to the cleaning & property managing needs of property owners would be a great foundation for a striving business in the very competitive arena of the cleaning business. While building the company John attended Colorado Technical University and obtained his Associate of Science in Business administration degree with Honors.  

From 2005 through 2015 Geraldine mentored, groomed and guided John with her years of experience along the procedures and formats that were the tools used to make O C Solutions, llc. successful. From 2010 through 2015 Ms. Stoll sub-contracted up to 1/3 of O C Solutions, llc’s business to John for B&B Professional Cleaning Company which has had a increase of revenue and business of approximately 12 to 15% per year. 

On January 1, 2016 Geraldine M. Stoll retired and John w. Bass Jr., the president of O C Bass Enterprises, llc., purchased O C Solutions, llc. and merged it with B&B Professional Cleaning Company to create the new company O C Solutions. So now the client base of both companies has the benefit of Mrs. Stoll’s years of experience along with Mr. Bass’s knowledge, commitment to costumer satisfaction and dedication to continuous improvement of environmentally safe cleaning practices. 

So if you have any cleaning needs, O C has the Solutions.  

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  Some of our services include: 

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  • Window Cleaning
  • Handy Man Services
  • Deep/Spring Cleanings
  • Between Rental Cleanings
  • And Much More.....

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